Friendships and Unfriendliness

  • Hey everyone! Sooo... I just decided to start a blog and keep up with one, on various topics, of course, if anyone has any ideas for me or any questions they have for me, I'll be glad to answer them in a blog! (=

    People ask me all the time on here, how do I deal with people who don't like me, sooo... I've decided to make my first one on this topic. To be honest, I really can't answer this question too well, simply because, I feel like I have no "enemies" or people who don't like me, etc. I don't give anyone any reason to dislike me, but I guess as people say, everyone has that one person who secretly dislikes them, lol. I rather not believe that.

    I guess hypothetically speaking, I would simply just ignore anyone with ill intentions. Its much more classy and mature to simply turn a blind eye and let the immaturity of one, run its course, eventually, they're self anger will move on to other people.

    As far as Friends who simply turn their back on me and quit communicating with me, I really haven't had that problem since being here, 10 months! But, I guess, if that would happen, I really wouldn't have any issue with it. I welcome anyone's friendship, I believe each and every person are unique in they're own ways and I would love a chance to get to know them and be entertained by them! <3

    Having said that, if I ever run into someone who decides to end their friendship with me for, who knows why, lol, I would be understanding and it really wouldn't bother me, since there are always, Many, Many more interesting and fun people to chat with. 

    While I do Welcome anyone's friendship, that same friendship isn't mandatory.

    Overall, I simply enjoy the people on here, my many good friends, I think I've lasted a good 10 months on here because I absolutely adore the uniqueness of my many good friends on here and enjoy the friendliness of the people on here, I do appreciate everyone's warm friendliness. <3

    Remember folks, always think positive and look on the positive side of things. Negativity will only exist, if you allow it to. Much Love to all my EmoWire friends. <3