Wisconsin's Pride Flag Debacle & Why its Disrespectful

  • Hello Everyone, Welcome to another Short and Snappy Blog!

    I would like everyone to read this headline from the news today:

    "WI Governor raises gay pride flag at state Capitol for the first time"!!

    Think about that. Its not a State flag or a US Flag, but a piece of PC Propaganda.

    First off, A Government building is a very inappropriate place to hang a gay pride flag. Actually, its a very disrespectful thing to do, to your State. In the real world, No one cares if your LGBTQ or not, so Liberals, stop trying to shove your Political Correctness down our throats! The fact is, the vast majority of people really don't have a problem with anyone's sexual orientation, Its very unlikely that the person or stranger standing next to you is wondering, "Gee, I wonder if he/she is gay or not", Nope, very doubtful. The Irony of this PC stunt being done by Wisconsin Governor Evers, is that the American Flag represents every single American Citizen, including the LGBTQ Community and thats a very good thing. However, by raising the Gay pride Flag beneath the US Flag, your in essence, perhaps unknowingly saying that the LGBTQ Community are not American Citizens and therefore, require their own flag. If you ask me, thats exactly the opposite of what their supposed aim is. Now, you may disagree with me and thats perfectly alright, but in my opinion, and yes, OPINION, There is no harm done by raising a Pride flag anywhere around your home, even at the place you work, and it is perfectly alright to proudly display the Pride flag on your clothes or personal belongings but on a Government building that is supposed to represent EVERY WISCONSIN CITIZEN and supposed to be Unbiased, its a very inappropriate place to raise that flag, because that Pride flag does not represent all its Citizens and sends a message that there is no equality. 

    But if you are going to place a third flag with Real Meaning..:

    How about instead of a divisive Gay Pride Flag that represents the Democrats Identity Politics agenda, I mean this going to sound crazy but bear with me now, how about instead, we replace it with a flag representing Cancer Awareness and here's the most crazy part, we actively promote the fight against Cancers of all types? Doesn't that sound more productive and morally correct.

    Now, I know promoting "Saving the Lives of Others" is against the Democrats Agenda, with all the infant killings aka Abortions going on, but how wonderful of a message would it be to raise a flag on a State Government building for Cancer Survivors and those fighting Cancers today and letting them know, the people and there State will always be there for them, and letting them know, they're not alone in they're struggles against Cancer. Trust me, it would mean the world to them and give them new hope.

    But of course, in the World of Liberalism and Democrats, they care more about who you do while your having Sex and preventing what might come out from it (if your straight) than actually caring about real health issues such as fighting Cancers and Diseases.

    And this is why, This Lady, will always be Morally Superior to my counterparts on the Left.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this Short and Snappy Blog of Awesomeness! 

    I am your unique Blog hostess,
    ~ReLLyLoveLy! ~~