President Trump's CoronaVirus Response Reality

  • Reading a lot of CNN Fake News here on EmoWire about the Coronavirus and president Trump. Here's the truth and Reality:

    1) "He (Trump) has managed to piss away all the gains he has made with his shit response to covid-19 when it entered USA." -Thats Fake news.

    The truth is, President Trump took immediate action when the Virus became known in early January. The Virus itself, didn't get named or made official until Early January 2020, 2 weeks later, while Democrats were IGNORING the virus and going on with their impeachment Circus, President took immediate action by banning travel to and from China and enacted a Coronavirus Task force a few days later. He TOOK IMMEDIATE ACTION despite the lies from the CHinese and despite Dems claiming it was Racist to enforce the travel ban.

    2) "Trying to ignore the coronavirus won't make it go away and it won't make the economy over there better" -Thats more CNN Fake News.

    As I pointed out, President Trump has been on the Virus since January after its declaration in JANUARY, going as far as getting the Congress to pass his promise of $1000 to the American people to HELP them while this craziness goes on, supplied States with needed federal assistance, enforcing restrictions and guidelines and trying to get Americans back to work, meanwhile what have Democrats Done? They have BLOCKED AID for families in need TWICE, Blocked aid to SMALL BUSINESSES in NEED and ignoring the virus to get their Green New Deal Included. While Democrats urged their citizenry to IGNORE the VIRUS and meet in large groups in early March, president Trump was CAUTIONING Americans about meeting in large groups and instructed them to practice Social Distancing while urging people to remain calm.

    3) President Trump has been on TV EVERYDAY, Updating the American people about the progress of our fight against the Coronavirus. In the end, President Trump has done a fantastic job countering the coronavirus and CHINA is to BLAME not Trump!

    4) There is a lie that states, "Orange Man Bad because he wants to re-open the economy". 

    Ofcourse, its twisted on purpose to try to make Trump look bad because, its actually NOT PRESIDENT Trump who is going to open up the economy, He has LEFT it to EACH INDIVIDUAL STATES to re-open their respective economies BASED ON GUIDELINES FROM HEALTH AND ECONOMICAL PROFESSIONALS!

    5) CNN Lie: "Hospitals are overwhelmed" -That too is FAKE NEWS from CNN.

    Truth is, only New York Hospitals are kinda overwhelmed because Governor Cuomo and Diblasio ENCOURAGED THEIR CITIZENS TO MEET IN LARGE GROUPS IN EARLY FEB-MID MARCH, New Yorks Virus problems lie squarely on the shoulders of GOVERNOR CUOMO for his POOR LEADERSHIP! 

    Everywhere else in country, Hospitals are doing fine, infact, DOCTORS, NURSES, ETC HAVE BEEN SITTING at HOME thanks to  STATES BANS ON "UN-ESSENTIAL" PRODEDURES but of course, ABORTION AND KILLING BABIES IS CONSIDERED ESSENTIAL!!

    sO, in the end, If your unbiased and honest, you'll have to admit that President Trump has done a great job of fighting the Virus while DEMOCRATS have IGNORED the VIRUS TO PURSUE their GREEN NEW DEAL AGENDA.

    President Trumps fight against the Wuhan Coronavirus will earn him re-election because in the end, The Trump Administration is basically fighting the Virus on its own since Dems (Who control the House) and the Mainstream media refuse to help and continues to smear the President.



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  • ReLLy
    ReLLy So... you got no argument? Thats what your telling me? You have no reason why its okay for Dems TO say the exact same things that the President Trump is being "Demonized for".

    yOU have no argument for why it was ok for Gov. Cuomo to ignore his...  more
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    ReLLy Biden has nothing to do with this conversation, hell, guy is still figuring out what day we are and looking for Super thursday, lol xD

    But come on, stop deflecting to Biden and lets hear you either criticize Gov Cuomo for not being prepared or defend...  more
  • ReLLy
    ReLLy Thats what I thought, Governor Cuomo gets a pass for doing nothing to protect his State from a potential pandemic but its okay to blame Trump for Cuomo's failures, gotcha. (:
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  • Tokyo
    Tokyo The real villain are the CCP. They need to be charged with war crimes. Every Corona death is blood on their hands