Nothing don t read :I'm an alligator dog snake

  • i want to make a wooden coffin And maybe make it a little bigger for comfort.. I watch the loud house. aNd Lucy is my favorite character . I watch cartoons cause I'm four...and I also attempt suicide a lot..But not real attempts just kind of day dream attempts... Like half assed and I remove the thing from my neck so no one sees...a couple of times I've hid under blankets ..I have my guitar case propped  up against the wall in between my mattress and the wall... There are pillows stuffed keeping it in place and a belt wedged in the guitar case surprisingly sturdy.... I don't see why it actually could work....But it's creative not that it'll actually kill me... More like just hurt my neck and I also get bored each time... I just don't feel welcome.. I love nothing,  no one, I'm even starting to not like animals..... ,and that draws the line.... I realize it could change I could finally get the job I want, eventually meeting a girl that understands I'm not that dangerous >~< I could be worse...... I felt it choke me.....And if I had the position and patience I .Could literally do simple suspension in this room...   it'd freak everyone out..... And by this point in not worried about who is upset about me dying.if I leave a note... Saying fuc k you all..and I hate you all..etc... Then maybe it'll give em the hint.... Not to care