Do I have everything?

  • Do I find not in the thought of the world or at least end of humanity...

    We are killing ourselves...

    I'm lucky to even be making this far, without being shot or run over by a car...

    On the highway I roamed and wasnt dead...

    I survived several bumps on the head...

    And maybe then some... I  wanna hit myself , and cut my head off..

    I wanna but myself in a giant jar like structure and in drowned...

    Thus day I di e, is the  dayy you realize you didn't lose shit ..

    you just are pretending... And you like to make believe...

    It's alright I knew I would have to leave..

    I can't wait for mmy final days, or weeks..

    I'll be happily laughing my as s of until I reach my death spot.

    I'll drop dead with a grin on my face..

    You'll have me out of your way, cause all I do is take up your space..


  • heartless
    heartless Youre dumnnnbbb
    June 9, 2018
  • heartless
    heartless Don't call him that ill kill you
    June 9, 2018
  • heartless
    heartless But you are me ;-;
    June 9, 2018
  • heartless
    heartless No im not im the Jekyll to your hyde
    June 9, 2018