• Facts over feelings, the majority of this world is over populat

    Posted Oct 18 by thenonemothatlikedemos

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    Facts over feelings, the majority of this world is over populated and the majority of countries have a low quality of life due to it, mass immigration is BAD because it lowers my standard of life and the standard of life Read More...

  • Favourite Quotes VI

    Posted Oct 17 by swisslips


    -You only hear the music when your heart begins to break. -Stressed, depressed and well dressed. -Flowers in my hair and demons in my head. -You walk around trying to fix everything, but you're the one who's broken. Read More...

  • They Are Gods

    Posted Oct 16 by Zoki

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    I went out back to throw out some old vegetables. It was night time. While I was throwing them out, I looked up and saw many stars in the sky. The sight of them got me thinking of how they inspired the idea of gods and g Read More...

  • Favourite Quotes V

    Posted Oct 15 by swisslips

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    -Loving you was sleeping through the storm, but I don't feel like dreaming anymore.  -My biggest mistake wasn't falling for you, it was thinking you had fallen for me too. -Real eyes realize real lies.  -Fak Read More...

  • Yesterday I wore a binder and today I didn't

    Posted Oct 12 by frakenfurter819

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    On the off chance that you were no aware a binder is something someone wears instead of a bra in order to make it look as if they didn't have breasts. This is because of body dysphoria, and body dysphoria is a side affec Read More...

  • Favourite Quotes IV

    Posted Oct 12 by swisslips

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    -I wanna be your ideal of happiness. -You're into drugs and I'm into you, so maybe one day I can be something you're addicted to. -You were my favourite mistake. -In a sea full of people, my eyes will always search fo Read More...

  • Favourite Quotes III

    Posted Oct 10 by swisslips


    -IMMORTAL ASSHOLE -But even if I fall in love again with someone new, it could never be the way I loved you. -If I disappear, will you look for me? -He was a nocturnal poet and she was the night. -I saw galaxies in y Read More...

  • Naive

    Posted Oct 10 by XxGinaxX

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    "But I care for you"I remember you saying But that is a lie You never did care for me It was just a game to youAnd I was foolish to play You'd always blame meBecause it's always my fault But that is a lie There were time Read More...

  • Would you?

    Posted Oct 10 by XxGinaxX


    Would you still miss me?Even if i disappearedOr would you forget Just slowly fading awayBecoming a memory That will soon just be replacedWould you still miss me? And all the laughs that we sharedOr would you forget And l Read More...

  • Help

    Posted Oct 10 by XxGinaxX


    I look around me But all I see is darkness Not knowing where I should goI'm slowly slipping away Please, I need your help tonight Please, I can't do this aloneIm falling deeper Down down I go not knowing Where I am going Read More...