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  • Why do Takis look like vaginas?

    Posted November 19, 2019 by BellaLugosiDead

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    Hi I'm new here I never got to experience Myspace or MTV so I'll make my own ♡

  • be my bottom valentine

    Posted November 6, 2019 by will0w

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    Roses are red Violets are blue I don't care what gender you are as long as you let me peg you

  • "Toxic" Masculinity?

    Posted November 4, 2019 by DesslokVisariNafage

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    I saw some page about a movement trying to "Redefine" masculinity, calling Basic human biology "Toxic and old" You cannot deny basic human nature, You cannot call it useless, outdated, Ect. I might sound a bit edgy but Read More...

  • Getting over an ex.

    Posted November 3, 2019 by IdkNxva

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    There’s a lot of things that come to mind when people say the word, “home.” The first thing that may come to mind is the place you feel most safe, or the most comfortable. I can personally say that at one point my homes Read More...

  • GF for hire

    Posted November 1, 2019 by Tokyo

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    Hello basement dwellers & virgins of emowire. I’m looking for a girl to hire as my GF. I’ll pay you in PH coin. Obviously she needs to have a good personalityblahblah. And a big @ss. Your mum doesn’t count btw

  • U.N sweet U.N

    Posted October 12, 2019 by DesslokVisariNafage


    "But with all due respect, the United Nations is a relic from a different time when nations were unique in their ability to solve the world's problems. But that just isn't the case anymore. Primarily because you hav Read More...

  • The Decline of Western Civilization - An observation

    Posted September 26, 2019 by DesslokVisariNafage

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    I decided to share, thanks to my Friend who gets my debating side to come out. He showed me post about the modern state of the Democratic party through Tim Allens words, and good words I'll include below in a pic. yes, Read More...

  • Storming Area 51 Is Not A Good Idea

    Posted September 24, 2019 by nerdskater

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    To all those people that think Storming Area 51 is good idea https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx4osljrMkA

  • Let's Get Nostalgic!

    Posted September 23, 2019 by HispanicEmo

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    How about we all get a little nostalgic, can you all remember when you guys become emo? (or whatever you identify as) I'll go first. It was in 7th grade, I was in my Library class, and I was feeling pretty sad that tha Read More...

  • Places that need to be raided instead of Area 51

    Posted September 22, 2019 by Tokyo

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    The Kremlin. Chernobyl. The Vatican secret archives. Pine gap. Church of Scientology.

  • Area 51 Conspiracy

    Posted September 21, 2019 by FaithIsJesus


         Area 51 is controversial for many reasons. It is believed to harbor aliens, military weapons: such as long- range nuclear bombs, drones, anti-gravity planes, and even comments of an inter-dimensional Read More...

  • kin

    Posted September 19, 2019 by xXNarutoLover666Xx

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    Personally I think I kin Ibuki, Celeste, or Maki from danganronpa but idrk

  • THE ONE GEM THAT FATE HAS My SOUL.............

    Posted September 11, 2019 by Angeldark32

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    You have torn me a part. and now i am like s soulless ghost i am wanting my true..................................... love . Always wondering about you my precious gem without knowing our fate your beauty even brings the Read More...

  • The one i let go

    Posted September 11, 2019 by Angeldark32


    To the one I let go,It's been so long... you will never come back to me. It's been too long, but why does it feel like you're here with me now? Why do you haunt me, when I try to forget you? The feeling of you never stop Read More...

  • Life

    Posted September 10, 2019 by RaymondSkoll


    This website is where I found many friends and myself... I spent many years on emowire talking to people... helping people and just being here with all of you people... I miss that. I just wish I could go back and save a Read More...

  • Emotional

    Posted September 4, 2019 by LifelessDoll

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        I don't know what to do to make others see me the way I want them to... Life was so much easier when I was invisible to everyone and when my heart was cold. But now that I've welcomed someone into my life i Read More...

  • Shy

    Posted August 30, 2019 by Starlight


    I have really bad ainexty  and i am very shy this happen all my life in 5th grade it became worst i became suicdal but i am only a emo teen this year i lost so many emtions no one loves or they are to old hehe

  • 2019

    Posted August 22, 2019 by Damascus218

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    This has been the worst year of my life since 2015. My life briefly got better around 2016 - May 2018, but it devolved back into shit in March of this year. As for June - December 2018, that was just a time of extreme he Read More...

  • I suck

    Posted August 19, 2019 by punkboydarius


    Why do I bother

  • Graveyard Wonderland

    Posted August 16, 2019 by ScarlettMassacre666

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    Fuck Netflix and chill, let's do a graveyard and chill.