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  • The War On Dreams

    Posted Jul 11 by FaithIsJesus


    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ we all showed up.  we showed up willingly.  but, if we    were aware&nb Read More...

  • Sometimes Best Friend

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    How can you know me? When I barely know myself How can you laugh with me? When inside I am crying I told you once, how I felt Your ice cold heart didn't even melt You didn't believe any of the words I said You would b Read More...

  • Feelings

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    You say you love me You say you don't You said that you'd always be there for me But you were always "busy" You see that I'm depressed Alone, stressed You try to impress But I told you to give it a rest You looked at me Read More...

  • I miss you

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    Up above the sky so high Like a diamond in the sky Is something I would always say When I went to church and pray On lonely nights I sit and stare At the necklace you gave me still hanging there I lay down and close my e Read More...

  • Enough

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    When enough is enough And I can't handle this stuff Is when my temper gets high And I just wanna cry When my happiness starts to fade away And all I want is for someone to stay By my side to hold near Because being alone Read More...

  • Lonely

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    Breathing at a fast speed Can't catch the air I need Hand gripping shirt tightly Tears falling rapidly Feels like a dagger to the heart Slowly tearing me apart No longer can I be fixed Feelings all in a mix Head pounding Read More...

  • Society

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    White, Hispanic, Asian, black We're all judged the same by the way we act If you're black you're ghetto and a rapist If you're white you're stupid and a fake If you're hispanic you're loud and a racist If you're Asian yo Read More...

  • Act a fool

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    Where were you When I needed you most Do you have any clue Of the things people post Just got told I was being played Walked home that night It was about to rain Cold as hell I might get frost bite Boys and girls The Read More...

  • Blinded by love

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    I should of seen it from the beginning But love made me blind The connection between us was thinning And I was the one left behind 2019 was supposed to be a great start You and me, the greatest two Never thought I'd s Read More...

  • Memories

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    What am I supposed to do When all I can think about is you The way your jokes would make me smile When we would just sit and talk for awhile The way you'd look at me with those eyes The look that let me know you were Read More...

  • Don't have a title

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    All niggas talk about is pussy weed and money Where are the niggas that like a girl who cooks,cleans and does his laundry "Damn look at her she got an ass" Instead of "damn she got her shit together and got class" Gettin Read More...

  • Bestie

    Posted Jul 6 by JazzyJazz01012019


    Everyday and every night Even the days we fight Your personality is just so perfect Being your best friend makes it worth it Every text, every call I'll always be there when you fall Whether you hate me or love me I'll n Read More...

  • Late night thought about you (ex boyfriend)

    Posted Jul 1 by xobrokensmilexoxo13


    Shoot me it's hurt a whole lot less then finding out you don't care  Kick me in the stomach i'll still love you forever Slap me i'll kiss you after Say you hate me I'll crawl back into your arms a few minutes lat Read More...

  • The true feeling of loneliness (pt 2)

    Posted Jun 25 by slayerx674

    1 Like 52 Views

    Well, guess life has sure take an insane turn for the worse. It's gotten way lonelier, and even after the loss of a girlfriend and best friend, I'm still going. I have no idea how, but I still am, and am never going to g Read More...

  • I'm bored school's out :P

    Posted Jun 21 by LocalLoser

    1 Comment 62 Views

    I'm bored as fuck now that school has ended. I have no idea whatsofuckingever on what to do with my life until July when due to being in the school's color guard (yeah its dorky shut up) ill be subjected to 12 hours stra Read More...


    Posted Jun 18 by MrMadMan

    1 Comment 1 Like 56 Views

    Here is a list of my favorite bands   KoRn Slipknot Three days grace Nirvana  Marilyn Manson Tallha rise against Peppermint creeps      

  • Geting more helthy

    Posted Jun 18 by MrMadMan


    DAY 1     Date:  Tuesday/18 /2019 Hello this blog post will mostly be about me trying to get my self in better shape right know i have started Day 1 of me trying to stay healthy mostly right know i h Read More...

  • Damaged

    Posted Jun 18 by EternalMisfitsProductions

    4 Comments 1 Like 50 Views

    Damaged and broken all you see is darkness what is there to see but heart ache and jealousy All alone in a empty room where no one really cares about you You put on a fake smile To make everyone think you are okay Read More...

  • Insecurities

    Posted Jun 12 by Chanqelinq

    1 Comment 78 Views

    Lately I've been feeling... empty. I have no reason to live. I really hate the situation I'm in, and every summer I lose myself to the internet. I don't have any friends that I'm willing to hang out with besides my best Read More...

  • School's Out For Me

    Posted Jun 12 by Chanqelinq


    YAY! No more awkward and embarrassing moments, no more homework (sort of), and lots of time to be bored because I have no friends! Plans: Hang out on my roof Lurk in the darkest corners of the online world Beg to go Read More...