• Sometimes I Feel...

    Posted Nov 19 by EmoBlackHeart

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    Sometimes I feel like I’m floating in some sort of black void where nothing but darkness surrounds me. I wish some one could grab my hand, pull me out, and not let go. Is that strange? Should I get over myself? Am I mak Read More...

  • Lonely, depressed or bipolar

    Posted Nov 19 by GhostQue3nx

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    These feelings/mood swings are kicking my ass, and i feel like there's nothing i can do but sit and wait for them to pass by, but lately i cant wait.... Id be normal then id be pissed off then the next day im fine until Read More...

  • This Is Shit

    Posted Nov 19 by EmoBlackHeart

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    So for some reason.. I can seem to understand why God has placed me in this world. If he knew I wasn’t strong enough yet, why would he have put me through all the things that he has put me trough? I was just at My youth Read More...

  • May You Rot In Hell

    Posted Nov 19 by icybones

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        Every so often I'll scroll down a biological family member's Facebook. I don't know why maybe...I want to see what they're up to or if they're even still alive. You think I joke on the last part, but it's Read More...

  • On Lil Peep, Stigmas. Addictions

    Posted Nov 18 by icybones

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        I wanted to write this particular blog because it deals with very serious and often times undermined, & a glorified problem that not just America deals with but other countries as well. However, since I h Read More...

  • Trust Oblivion

    Posted Nov 18 by EmoBlackHeart

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    I’ve realized a few things in this past month. I’m not going to meet someone, I don’t have any friends, I can’t trust anybody, and my mom can be a real bitch but, none of those things really matter when I think about it. Read More...

  • Hey I’m New

    Posted Nov 18 by EmoBlackHeart

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    Hey I’m new here(obvi) and I just wanted to tell y’all a little bit about... well... me. I like writing and I do a lot of stories and stuff. My chats open for just talking or RP. (Soz if that sounds creepy but my fren go Read More...

  • Why I Have Strict Views On Sex

    Posted Nov 17 by icybones

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        After writing my blog What Do Guys Want? I decided to go into more detail about why I am the way I am in regard to engaging in sex or foreplay with a guy. I feel it's only fair to share my side with you a Read More...

  • Hey

    Posted Nov 17 by Bandlover

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    Hi Let's talk in the comments maybe start a chain of words and try to match them maybe start a chat or maybe start a thing  impact, be an impact on someone's life  or should I just leave yee we shou Read More...

  • High School= Kill me now

    Posted Nov 16 by Pansexual66

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    Hi again. XD It;s me Vernelle. (AKA Pansexual66) So HA HA HA. High school...Well here's two words for you...Fuck it! In school you have to work hard, and I'm lazy as FUCK and I don't do any work at all...Well sometimes Read More...