• This site is a thirst trap

    Posted Sep 15 by TrumpsTrunkV2

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    It's funny when a pretty girl signs up and everyone starts kissing her ass hoping to get a message back from her lmaoo. I get that some of you are "antisocial" and all that but jeez a half decent looking girl signs up an Read More...

  • My favorite animal is dolphins

    Posted Sep 15 by TrumpsTrunkV2

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    That's all

  • No one understands me

    Posted Sep 14 by frakenfurter819

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    No one understands me. Im not their definition of normal so they try too cram me into a box labeled "what i'm expected to be." y cant i be myself

  • Im a piece of shit

    Posted Sep 13 by frakenfurter819

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    When people tell me i'm worthless, i already know. When people tell me to kill myself, I'm already thinking it. I already know I'm a piece of shit, there's no need too tell me.

  • i'm not his red wine

    Posted Sep 13 by zodiac

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    He thinks I'm his red wine waiting patiently for him to drink me.He thinks I'm here for his pleasure and that his opinions determine my value.But I am not your sacred, church wine that you gulp until I am gone.I am far m Read More...

  • Oh The Bad Things I Know

    Posted Sep 12 by Zoki

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    Throughout my life, I have seen and encountered bad people, bad things done by people, and all of this has made me give up on humans and their concept of humanity. For my own personal record, I will simply list all the b Read More...

  • Whats in my mouth??

    Posted Aug 29 by MydysFUNctionalLife


    Hey guys I'm making a new video today and will be posting it later this week. From the title i can guess you know what I'm doing LOL. but if you all have any suggestions for stuff i can guess let me know! (please be nice Read More...

  • Unpopular opinions

    Posted Aug 29 by kitty98

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    And go ... I'm all for smoking the "devils lettuce" it's been proven to benefit many people for many various reasons. sometimes your chosen family is the best thing to happen to you. make everyday worth it, you never Read More...

  • Fellow Youtubers _

    Posted Aug 28 by MydysFUNctionalLife

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    Hey guys i figured this could be a safe place for people to share their channel and get feedback with no hate so feel free to leave me your channel or a comment Thank You!! Read More...

  • Go through phases while you're young

    Posted Aug 24 by JaydenK

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    Go through phases when you're young. Regardless of how "cringe-worthy" people say it is, you're figuring yourself out for the long haul. It's a lot worse to try to figure yourself out when you're an adult, people will ju Read More...