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howdy :)

  • December 29, 2019 6:43 PM EST

    uh..... hi i'm franky. im v e r y new here and just wanna chat or something becuase im boreddd. i am, in fact, baby. as in im small and cry a lot. alriiiiiiight time for the info nobody wanted to know: I'm 5 foot 4ish (yet still taller than my gf), id consider myself... emo?... idk who cares, i want to rebel but man am i tired, im 13 (but not for long) so quite literally a child, and im here to fufill my angsty teenage wants while not embarressing myself infront of people i know ._.

    idk what else to say so bye rats

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    December 29, 2019 7:29 PM EST

    hey guys this is me... franky but i forgot i had this account until i found one of my comments so yeah