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a little ghost story

  • June 1, 2020 8:04 AM EDT

    hi many know me some dont, well i have a strong belief in the paranormal and thinks its jsut naive to believe that we as humans think we can understand everything and see everything, so here is the story from a ww2 reenactor i talked to some years ago, he was telling me about an event that he experienced while reenacting on a battlefield sight on the seelow heights battlefield, wich was the last line of defense before festung berlin (festung berlin was the name given to berlin prior to the battle of berlin wich means fortress berlin) his group was laying down awaiting the russians (he was with about 3 others in a dug out and out of the forestclearing comes a man shouting "come here schutze, your dugout is to shallow!" angrily in german, the man shouting was wearing a heavily battleworn wss officer uniform, the reenactor was alarmed and annoyed was making his way over to the man since the reenactment had a strict ban on wss attire and was about to tell him that he had to change,so when he had made his way over to where the wss officer was right in the clearing he was sitting in what was once one of the original dugouts from 45, before he could speak however the officer faded away right before his eyes, he was shocked and stunned but still carried out the reenactment, stories such as this one is not uncommon amongst reenactors of any historic battle, i am a strong believer in the stonetape theory (water, stones organic material etc etc can record very strong emotions and events) i am also a believer in that many still wanders the battlefield in wich they died and when they see a reeneactment being carried out of their death battle their spirits become reignited in a way, this phenomena has been witnessed by us civil war reenactors, war of the roses reenactors, etc etc in any reenactment carried out on the battlefields spot it can trigger events