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Make a 2020 Election Prediction

  • March 24, 2019 10:09 AM EDT

    I'm calling it now it will be Yang vs Donald Trump, either could win. If I'm wrong and some other democrat gets the nomination and that's a possibility that I'm wrong, trump will win hands down. Although its possible I'm wrong on both predictions its highly unlikely.

    I'm basing this prediction on the speed of popularity and not the current front runners.

    Also I'm basing this on the enthusiasm of the current supporters, as Yang already has "yang gang" and no other democrat has anything near it.

    Alright make some predictions people

    Which Democrat will win the nomination, what are that persons chances, if your wrong and another democrat wins the nomination what are that persons chances.

    YES we know Trump Will Probably win as he is the incumbent.

    It doesn't matter if your a republican or democrat, Guessing who the democrats will select wont make you a democrat or a republican, it does give bragging rights if your correct though xD.

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    July 24, 2019 12:36 AM EDT


  • July 24, 2019 2:12 AM EDT

    It will be Trump by the looks of things since media and news is doing everything they can to get there golden child Joe Biden, who isn't popular enough with the public just democrats. to win...

    Also they blocked some other candidates mics for the first democratic debate while letting Joe Biden speak freely the whole thing is already rigged on the Democratic side I'm not expecting anything to improve come CNN debates.

    Heck we even know the last elections were rigged against Bernie and they didn't tamper with the Republican Debates just because they thought Trump was so unpopular and had no chance and that Hillary was going to win.

    If you like Trump or hate Trump Please realize MSNBC and CNN are fake and crocked news outlets!





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    July 30, 2019 3:07 PM EDT

    Recently. Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in my country. I live in Great Britain. 

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    August 22, 2019 8:30 PM EDT
    On the Democrats side, hard to say at this point, who’ll be the nominee. I say it’ll be a toss up btwn Warren, Bernie and Biden with Biden getting the lion’s share of attention. But i do think that Bernie, due to AOC, has a fighting chance.
    On the Republican side, hands down be Trump.
    I do think Trump will be re-elected.
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    September 26, 2019 5:07 PM EDT

    Trump will win because 

    A. The Democrats cannot unify together, each have thier own competing vision of what they perceive is the right vision for the Democratic party. it is splintering them

    B. the Party itself has terrible leadership, who have put impeaching and hating a man ahead of actually doing things for the nation, this has given Trump more than enough ammunition to Fuel his campaign, Within hours of Pelosi again announcing dems wanted to go forward with impeachment his campaign raised MILLIONS.

    C. The party just does not align with common folk, The party has betrayed its own base in 2016 (See the walkaway campaign) and have advocated for political violence, censorship, and childish behavior that have made the party go from undesirable to absolutely not fit for leadership in this country.

  • December 26, 2019 2:43 PM EST

    as a swede who have seen how quickly childish behaviour can completely eradicate political parties first hand (the social democrats and their green,blue,red block) i think trump will win, trump has solutions, for example again in my sweden last election we got our first vote stalemate in swedens modern history because there was a new big dog on the voting ballot, the sweden democrats who had jsut some years before gotten 6-7% and now they are the biggest party WICH led to the social democrats throwing a hissy fit putting together an unholy alliance between the leftist party who until the late 90s was known as the communist leftist party, the militant green party who has had an alarming rate of islamist supporters in their ranks, the liberal party who are the least insane of the lot with watered down liberal right ideas and the centrist block who is bipolar disorder in party form, and here omest the fun part wich is the same shit the democrats does...these parties cant get along, the centrist partys demand to stay in the block is for the leftist party to have no say what soever, the leftists demand to stay in the block is to get some say over economic politics, the centrists just 2 weeks ago threatened to leave if their economy didnt get passed wich made the left do the same thing if it did get passed, the liberals just kinda sits their sometimes mumble about how they dont realy like the Sweden democrats, the greens keeps dreaming about spending money that is not there and throwing hissy fits until all the nuclear powerplants gets taken offline wich in turn led to swedens first power shortage since sweden got electricity so the greens kinda has ideas that noone has tkaen the itme to think before acting...BUT the one thing that keeps these warring partys together in this insanely incompatible block is their hatred for the sweden democrats and their inability to understand the reason as to why the sweden democrats are the largest party in sweden...they literally said "we would rather see sweden burn than give power to the sweden democrats" <----that sentiment is the same that runs thorugh the democrats veins and is the reason why the democrats in its current form will never win

  • January 26, 2020 3:42 AM EST
    DesslokVisariNafage said:


    C. The party just does not align with common folk, The party has betrayed its own base in 2016 (See the walkaway campaign) and have advocated for political violence, censorship, and childish behavior that have made the party go from undesirable to absolutely not fit for leadership in this country.

    I suppose it's true that the democratic party is out of touch.  I do think a number of leftist policies are quite in line with the needs of the average person.  See Sanders. 

    I'd rather have some dickish, overly PC person leading than a raging narcissist.  Ideally, neither would lead, but I'd prefer the one that has some scrap of self-awareness and introspective capacity.