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Wich one is Superior? Capitalism or Socialism

  • April 3, 2016 1:29 PM EDT

    By the way, if you want to make any coherent arguments and thus engage in a debate, I implore you to improve your english.

  • April 4, 2016 2:16 AM EDT

    omg you are realy ignorant do you think by listing isis in 3 different ways proves that you have any knowledge of the current situation? you know you are not realy doing a good job with proving that you are as smart as you say you are...

    and allow mw to say those are not the reasons i could list the reasons and i think i will so here they are 

    1. massimigration that hollows out the welfaresystems in countries such as sweden, germany, great britain, holland, belgium (sweden and germany has it the worst of the lot)

    2. increasing moves from the governments in said countries to "multiculturalise" (wich means islamify) swedens case its primarily because our economy has crashed due to massimigration our welfaresystem is being exploited to no end, sweden has the highest tax in the world with about 33% of all income goes to tax, and the immigration ministry takes money from all pools of savings everything from the aid funds to seniorcitizens homes and schoolfunds just so we can take in some more immigrants, we take in about 10000 people every week effectively treating the people that live in said countries as 2nd class citizens and placing islamists on pedestals and defending their horrific views with famous words such as "its not hteir fault its in their culture"

    5. in sweden a few months back it surfaced what i already knew wich was that muslim crimes was being covered up (the policechief went to media and said "i cant with good conscience keep lying and cover up crimes commited by immigrants for the governmetns any longer" and then he continued by listing how our government had been actively hiding and hushing down crimes (often very brutal) because they where commited by asylumseekers wich would make the government look bad. 

    6. the only ones who has answers in these dark times is the far right, the nationalists they have answers because when the european people notices that their way of life is threatened by the growing insanity of islam they will take action wich can now be seen in places such as sweden and germany very clearly

    history moves in circles and what happened once will happen again but this time its not the jews this time its the muslims, its a pity that the muslim immigrants dont see that their behaviour and willfullness to accept free money from the taxpayers hard working hands will be their ultimate downfall, they will (if things doesnt turn more in favor of europes people instead of shaping and reforming every contry in islams image) be hunted and persecuted, they have already started to be hunted down since in sweden we had a rise in rapes with 1400% we are 2nd in the world in rapes the only country worse than us is a place in north africa (you know the part where there is total anarchy where warlords rule and eat people) so i find your lack of knowledge in the subject insulting to me who has to live in it yet you say that you know things, but the only proof you have is that you know how to list isis in 3 ways *slow clap*

    by even thinking that isis is the main cause of far right extremism on the rise is not only ignorant its ludicrous and just plain dumb. So if you do not write any cohessive and REAL arguments to that sa you say "the threat of isis is blown out of proportion"  (tell that to brussels france germany and sweden) if you went to sweden to one of about 50+ areas that is by police cnosidered no go zones you would in 10 minutes (if you are white) get hounded and chased out of there since in those areas such as angered, bergsjön, biskopsgården etc etc sharia law is in effect and only muslims have rights there, so by telling me that isis is blown out of proprtion tells me that you spend most of your days inside playing videogames, if you where to tell my friends here in sweden that you think the threat of isis is blown out of proportion you would get slapped and called an ignorant pc cunt, then tell me if its blown out of proprtion why are the 10000 every week "fleeing" from isis hmm? well in sweden we have isis soldiers ALOT of isis soldiers so we know for a fact that its not blown out of proportion, the old islam ritual of killing gays has become a severe problem here since we started importing refugees, the ritual where they kill a gay man for being gay and then wrap a snake around his neck. when slogans such as "convert or die the caliphate is coming" can be seen almost every day, where "kufar" and "allah" gets sprayed on swedish churches you know you have a muslim problem 


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  • April 4, 2016 12:01 PM EDT

    The three names thing was just for a laugh. And you're the one pulling the obvious bullshit, mate. Multicultralism does not neccesarily result in integrating Islam into everything. It's simply respecting other's cultures to some degree.

    Sarah, do you see just how much right-wing hogwash this guy's pulling out of his ass?

  • April 4, 2016 2:22 PM EDT

    "rightwing" i am pointing out several truths not "hogwash" you ignorant little shit! if you knew anything about the current situation you would see that what i have written is nothing but the truth but again you avoid the questions you dumb little kid

  • April 4, 2016 2:54 PM EDT

    No, I'm not avoiding questions. I actually answered your question about why right-wing ideologies are increasing in popularity fairly straightforward, if I say so myself.

    Also, isn't it interesting how you criticize me of insulting others, and then call me names such as "Ignorant little shit" and "dumb little kid"?

  • April 4, 2016 4:14 PM EDT

    but i also told you that you where wrong and you didnt even respond to that and you are avoiding questions no matter what you say it doesnt change the fact that you are a classic avoider much like the politicians of todays "democracies"

    so i say this since you cant get it into your thick skull that its NOT fearmongering if its true and isis is NOT blown out of proportion so can you answer me why you are not answering any of the questions about why gays are being slaughtered in sweden in a ancient muslim ritual with a snake around their neck and why we currently have over 50 no go zones in my country so can you please tell me how you can think that multiculturalism is "respecting other's cultures to some degree." do islam respect us NO do they tolerate our way of life NO do they care that we do not allow sharia law NO do they care that we are a democracy that do not look at a woman as a piece of meat NO as paul joseph watson said "some cultures are better than others"

    so im done with you and your volatile sewage of a comment each one proves that you are so far up your own ass its almost scary.

    and you cant say that you told me since you where WRONG on all accounts.

  • April 4, 2016 4:33 PM EDT

    Kek. You're a pitiful, brainwashed numbskull. But okay, let's call it quits.


  • April 4, 2016 8:15 PM EDT

    likewise brainwashed little pc robot

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    April 4, 2016 9:32 PM EDT

    Freebird, I have for quite some time, And its kind of shocking how in depth it is. look gas Im not one to hate you or backstab, but damn. Have you considered Observing other views other than your own? 

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    April 5, 2016 2:35 AM EDT

    Stop comparing Isis to Islam mate. Isis is not islam. 

    Islam unfortunately like all the Abrahamic religions treats what is natural (eg. Trees, land, fish and animals as secondary to man.) as a resource, rather than an entity in itself. Like all abrahamic religeons it asks of its people to spread the message... (Jihad for example means to give your life for the spread of the prophets message). Please do understand that this is a way of all the Abrahamic religions including Christianity and Judaism.

    Most Muslims however do not follow that path. Some that do, give it a shameful name. Understand that Islam is at it's weakest. As a result it's extremists bark the loudest. Think of the crusades or the forcible conversion of the native Americans and Australians to christianity. Remember the 'the trail of tears?' 

    That being said, one must also consider that communication is much easier now. What happens in Usa reaches me, on the other side of the world in minutes. Thus it is more seen, and the sad age of islam is bared naked to the all seeing eye. Perhaps, dear gas (if you could clear the inflamable nitr0-glycerine in your head) you shall see. But I see it is as stupid as pouring water on an upturned pot. You can not see. How unfortunate. 

    The only one who seems to grasp what is here is Anodyne. Making some rather valid points. Also dear cassestes, I suppose this one hear shall ignore you calling me a twat and thank you for your kind appriciation. :) 

  • April 5, 2016 5:45 AM EDT

    yes sarahvisarinafage i actually have :) i have read the quran a bit to try to understand what htey are getting so wrong and it occured to me that the quran contradicts itself in several places wich by the wrong people can be looked at as a sign to kill all non believers since accordingto legend mohammed said to his desciples on his deathbed that "go and spread the word of islam over the world" and this has been seen in 2 ways 1 that he issued a fatwa to annihilate all otherreligions until only islam remained or 2 that they would make people aware of islam and like missionaries try to persuade people (as we all know though unfortunately the fatwa idea is the one that has gained the most support) cassettes said a couple of things 1. he insisted on that isis threat is blown out of proportion wich was incredibly naive and stupid 2. he couldnt answer even a few questions with relevant answers such as why rightwing extremism is on the rise (he said its because of isis wich is wrong) and 3.he for some reason dodged every question with that i am a troll or that i am a rightwing "hogwash" spreader

    and i find it incredibly interesting that a few muslims i have met actually are the kindest people those are the ones that i have asked about islam and they all say the same thing that "the quran has been misinterpreted most of the time" wich would explain all the insanity done in its name but i must still stand by my belief that islam as it is now needs to go its way to dangerous to have in a civilized world as it is now.

    and i have also considered social heritage wich is a thing. that is why i strongly believe that a person who has been raised in a strict islam country with sharia law will NOT just accept a free democratic way of life when they flee when they are about 15-20 

    its like when the americans laughed at the hitler youth who had known nothing but ns germany and so when the war came and they became of age they where laughed at and ridiculed by the americans and brits but it turned out that the waffen ss hitlerjugend was the most brutal and diehard fighters in the waffen ss and this came as a surprise for the allies wich i dont understand because they had been hardcoded to believe with all of their sould and heart that gemrany was destined to rule and hitler was their immortal leader, its like it is with islam if you know nothing else and only for example islam you will be hardcoded with it to the bone.

    the hitleryouth was the people who had the hardest to adapt to civilian life after the war since they had known nothing but hitler hteir entire lives. its the same with islam and i dont understand why people dont see that, you cant just integrate and hope for the best because it wont work. after ww2 the wehrwolf guerilla was born and made hell for the allies until late 50 and its the same with a person who has known nothing but islam they will seek out fellow radicalists wich in this case has been isis (angered and bergsjön here in gothenburg is one of the biggest providers of new blood for isis) so in conclussion yes i have considered many maaaaany different points of view including the  far left wich sits in government here nad i only came to the conlussion that they have been so naive because they dont have to deal with the problems their policies cause since they live in fenced of utopias. furthermore many of the farleft supporters that thinks communism is awesome actually is mostly made up of the upper middleclass wich i find realy interesting, so yes i hae looked at all the points of view i dould find since i wanted to understand how they think and compare my views to theirs and see if im the one who is wrong but as of know i can only say that its them who have been both naive and wrong.

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    April 5, 2016 6:21 AM EDT

    Abosolutely true Gas.

  • April 5, 2016 6:35 AM EDT

    yes so i am fully aware of other peoples points of view its just that when i see a menacing force such as isis i immediately lock my eyes on it and do not let it out of sight because they are dangerous they are a force that is pure evil and they are most certainly NOT blown out of proportion, and the reason why i react so strongly when cassettes say such things is that i live in a country where a radical islamist is minister of housing (mehmet kaplan) he has been caught at a meeting for radical islamists sitting infront of the black banner of the taliban (it was a bit unreal to see our minister of housing in such a position) so when cassettes sits here and tries to tell me that i am wrong even though i live in it i get pretty defensive, i have drawn conclussions that the current quran is to be compared to a bible from the 1600s that is when the texts are the most similar and the most radical, and during that time my sweden was a force that swept across europe and spread fear under Karl XII and his caroelans that was fanatical about christianity and can be compared to islamists such as isis (the russians feared them since they never ran into battle they quiettly and firmly walked up to the russians until they could see the white of hteir eyes and then they attacked while screaming and looking like the devil himself the russians feared the caroleans very much for their fanticism and willingness to die) the caroleans and islamists can be compared in more ways than one so i urge you to read abit about both and you to will see the similarities between them :) its very fascinating material actually, so i think we must see what made us dropthe fantaicism and try to implement that same (or atleast a similar) approach to deradicalise and remove religion as a fundamental pillar in the muslim world it would be good for both technological advances and social since more tourists and such would dare go to the often very beautiful landscapes that is in the middleeast :)

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    April 5, 2016 6:53 AM EDT

    And you talk about it. :')

  • April 5, 2016 3:25 PM EDT

    "Mehmet Güner Kaplan (born 18 July 1971 in GaziantepTurkey) is Sweden's Minister of Housing and Urban Development, aligned with the Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet de Gröna)."

    "He was also a founding member of the organization Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice, a Muslim peace movement, as well as a strong supporter of the Swedish peace movement."

    "Kaplan was on board the Ship to Gaza flotilla which tried to send necessities through the Israeli embargo of the Gaza strip."



    ISLAMIST ISIS MAN!!!!!! >:(

  • April 6, 2016 9:27 AM EDT

    cassettes i live here why the fuck would someone take your word for it over me who LIVE here so here is a few of the sites he has been caught being a islamist on

    (its in swedish but it talks about the thing where mehmet said "jihad is a fight for democracy")

    and the famous words where he said "swedes who goes to join isis is exactly like the swedes who went to fight for finland against russia in ww2"

    he has a huge file of material against him where his islamist connections are exposed

    so cassettes read a little more than the wikipedia page ok.

    and here is a english site

    its not that hard to find the facts but since you obviously dont know shit i have done it for you now so please stop believeing that you know more about my own country and its current situation than me who LIVES there

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    April 6, 2016 12:25 PM EDT

    I would take his word over yours anyday Gas...

    You know, all you've shown this while is just plain Gas.... egoistic non sensical gas. 

  • April 7, 2016 5:11 AM EDT

    wow ok so you havent read the articles or anything either? well mehmet kaplan is an isis supporter and he stands behind a proposition that makes it possible for isis soldiers to cut in line for both jobs and apartments, and people react exactly as you do freebird they just wont see the ugly truth and that is exactly why the rightwing extremists are going to win over here too, and if you are going to insult me by believing a kid who quotes wikipedia and thinks that is the allmighty truth fine but people like you who choose to believe the simple and naive explanations over the complex and often uncomfortable ones are the very reason why for example soldiers of odin roams my street and why people turn their eyes and trust away from the conventional parties who are as naive and gullible as you seem to be and instead turn their gaze towards the radical nationalists who have solutions and are willing to speak about the uncomfortable truths, there is photographic evidence that kaplan supports islamists and again have you even ead the articles?! by saying that you believe that kid over me who have been here in this shithole for 23 years nad have seen my country gradually change from a democratic healthy country into a country where isis soldiers gets protected and given free jobs and apartments and where muslims are protected from being prosecuted for rape because of their faith, where jews have to flee from an entire town (malmö) and not because of nazis NO its because of the muslims and as i have said before where the police have been covering up crimes commited by muslims, and where the minister of housing is a proven islamist so if you cant get that through your skulls i suggest you read a bit more about the whole thing. because like i said its people who choose to believe in the naive dumb simple answers who is paving the way for the radicals since your naive nature is making the swedes over here insane we present truth after truth and still your kind says "no no its not true just no its not politically correct to say that" and we have had it and im just being plain here since now i am explaining why swedes and other europeean countries turn to the radical nationalists...and the blunt answer is there is to many of your way of thinking in parliament over here and to few realists. THAT is why sweden is once again flirting with radical nationalism. and i urge you to go a course in psychology and advanced society knowledge since all that is happening can be predicted since all of humanity have the same core thinking even if they dont know it. so htat is why i know htat when there is to many of the naive kind in charge who doesnt listen to the people there is a disturbance in the balance and then everything turns in favor of the radicalnationalists. so by all means insult my knowledge about my own countries totally fucked political situation where we have soon turned to anarchy because of people like kaplan (he stole 2 years worth of student apartments to give to muslim immigrants about 20000 apartments and he is the reason why there is a waiting list on every available apartment with about 700 people on 1 apartment listing) so sure believe that kid since i already know i am right and that sweden soon is going to turn into a radical nationalist country with an ironfist in government who cracks down on anything multicultural since in sweden multicultural means islamify

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    April 8, 2016 8:41 PM EDT

    Gas stop feeding the troll already. This thread is old. Like very old.


    Your just giving Casettes more ammunition.

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    April 9, 2016 5:02 AM EDT


    Gas is the troll here...

    He's the stupid fear monger.


  • April 9, 2016 9:56 AM EDT
    Ok i didn't realize that they where trolls since I haven't had to deal with them for quite some time so I thought they where sincerely that naive. I'm used to discussing serious political topics without immature trolls interfering in the conversations. But I should have understood I guess but again I am used to discussing and debating in a serious environment and naturally I was drawn to the title "serious" and thus thought nothing about the possibility of immature trolls wrecking it so I apologize for feeding the trolls I didn't realize they where trolls
  • April 9, 2016 11:53 AM EDT

    [blockquote]SarahVisariNafage said:

    Gas stop feeding the troll already. This thread is old. Like very old.


    Your just giving Casettes more ammunition.


    Are you honestly that fucking dense?

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    April 15, 2016 5:09 PM EDT

    I vote highly liberal capitalism, which imitates socialism. Norway is a perfect example of it.

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    April 15, 2016 6:01 PM EDT

    I'd have to agree. 

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    May 15, 2017 1:45 AM EDT
    Capitalism vs socialism? Uhh, I'd say there needs a balance either way. Nothing in life is free or equal. The closest thing to Equality is kinda in between capitalism and socialism. In theory, capitalism you get paid more for the work you put out. Socialism, everyone is told to work but people do need an incentive to work, otherwise, there's no productivity in any nation.

    Either way, there needs to be a chain of command. Realistically, with socialism, resources are denied to many people and the military rations it. The only way workers are controlled is through fear and oppression. Also with capitalism, people can produce more money, but at the same time, there's no money.

    On a individualistic note, If anyone is reading this, using the internet, you're luckier than a lot of people. Many ask what I did to become successful at music production and software engineering.

    My answer is something like this:

    Instead of mourning over things one lacks, use your strengths to overcome those perceived deficits. Create that change and make you life the way you want it. If one rules the world, good for them.. xD For me, I make my choices off of what I feel was the best choice.. Every force has an echo, I lost most of my family, fell down quite a but, I stayed persistent, got back up, and grew stronger/

    I try to judge a person not by how they lift themselves up, but how they manage when they fall down, and how they effectively get back up. So yeah, that's my advice to those who may be struggling. Don't focus on politics, focus on what actions will affect tomorrow.

    Well, You're choice to take my advice, I'm not perfect either. Everyone has their skeletons, I'll try to leave my bones in the graveyard, live, learn, move on. Often I have too much faith in people. I stay committed to people I care about and often it kinda can stab me in the back. not everyone will agree. What can I do? xD

    If anyone wants to chat, chill, feel free to send me a request, I'm hardly on here. Still, I'll accept when I get the chance.