• 354

    Messed up and Torn down

    I'm creating this group because I know I'm not the only one that needs it. This group is for those who have terrible things going on in their lives and just need to get it out.
    led by IanBoy

  • 348

    Unsupportive parents

    This group is for unsupportive parents whether it be that they don't support you LGBTQ wise or anything else. This group is a support system for people who have that problem
    led by Omega

  • 301

    Just poems and thougts

    Just a place to write thougts and everything else that goes through your mind.
    led by KouRyutsune

  • 250

    The Lone Wolves

    For all of us lone wolves
    led by KanekiKen

  • 231

    Anteiku Café

    This group is for Tokyo ghoul fans that will be fans for life
    led by KanekiKen

  • 849

    The Phoenix Sanctuary for all

    Hello everyone do you ever feel rejected and also have been called names because you believe in something others don't you want to fit in with a crowd but you never get picked you want to have friends who offer nothing more than true freedom to be yoursel...  more
    led by phoenix333

  • 213

    The Fallen Ones

    Ummm.... this is my band we do rock/screamo and yeah that's it

    led by CasperDaWeirdo

  • 280

    Night owls

    A group for those night owls out there who don't have anything else to do
    led by Midthedragoness

  • 205

    Disturbed's Fans

    Fans of Disturbed!!!
    led by SpookTastic

  • 201

    Undertale Fans

    Hey you! Yes, you. If you love undertale....join this group!!! If you a-door knock-knock jokes...that is a biggest reason to join this group. Its free!! :)
    led by ICatWalkTheDay