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  • DominiCane
    DominiCane Reminder, this is not me, even i will be a zombie santa for
    • October 19, 2019
    • DominiCane
      Deleted Member Lame!!!! NOW DIEEEEE!!!!

      -Pulls a SHOVEL out of ur butthole and shoves it down your throat as a demonic spirit tears your mind apart-
    • DominiCane
      DominiCane Wth? #1 a shovel aint gonna fit in my butthole..
      #2 aint now shovel going down my throat!
      #3 demon can suck me.....lmao
  • LetsTacoBoutThis
    LetsTacoBoutThis Which Shrek was your favourite movie? lolol
    • August 17, 2019
  • Daedae13
    Daedae13 Expecting baby number #2
    • October 19, 2018
  • Zanh
    Zanh EMO PICK UP LINES (All Dirty!!)
    #1: Is your favorite song destroya?Cause we’re gonna be singing that tonight!!
    #2:I’m like mikey way. I’m fuckin ready to planetary go!! up in your na na na.
    #3:Roses are red.Violets are blue. Sugar I wanna go down...  more
    • September 9, 2018
  • Zanh
    Zanh Emo Pickup Lines:
    1: If I said u had a beautiful body,would u consider getting snakebites and gauges in ure ears so I can actually find u attractive?
    #2:I might not be a unicorn but u still can ride me. ( my fav right there!)
    #3:You won’t be calling...  more
    • September 8, 2018
  • infamousdemon
    infamousdemon Shit UTI students say #2: NUT JUICE!
    • May 24, 2018
  • LetsTacoBoutThis
    LetsTacoBoutThis cringey confession #2:

    When answering my phone for a job / phone interview, I accidentally greeted the recruiter with how we answer the phones at my work study on campus "Hello, this is RPI Student and Living Office, how---- Wait. Omg. I'm so sorry, hi...  more
    • April 15, 2018