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  • LetsTacoBoutThis
    LetsTacoBoutThis Which Shrek was your favourite movie? lolol
    • Aug 17
  • Terror
    Terror Colds are sometimes a blessing to miss academics or perhaps work, but when you're literally dying and have difficulty breathing, and having to take like nearly 5-6 medications to even get out of bed, it's just not worth it. Ongoing day #4 of sickness, ...  more
    • Jan 4
  • plague
    plague ok fucking christ, dis account my account gots 3-4 ppl using it for privacy, i ont kno who u is icecream gurl, but i is 15, which damian u talking to? , ders 2 19yrs, me n homie, 1 17yrs real name classified , n sum fat chick i screwed up with is #4, soo...  more
    • October 2, 2018
    • plague
      MyFriendsAreTheDemonInMYHead Hahah funny thing is I haven’t tried to talk to I for a long ass while and I have a boyfriend so bye asshole!!!
      • October 2, 2018
    • plague
      plague lol um have fun, ehhh i am an asshole n most of da population is ur point, but yo ass a minor , i aint wan my boi locked up kuz of sum easy jailbait, i saw ur n his messages u easy, n he a dumbass fuckboy but still my homie, not my fault u got played,...  more
      • October 8, 2018