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  • FreeBird 10 updates?? So much of work. Ew
    Mon at 10:34 PM

  • xXLarsLunaticXx Well has officially been ruined :/ RIP
    Mar 31

  • LifeSucks do you ever look at yourself in good lightening and think damn.. i have no friends and like.. no one likes me for no reason and i can't stop eating and i have stubborn tummy fat and my stress level is higher than Shiva's statue and my anxiety kicks in basically every minute and i'm broke and and .... ahhh fuck i love my life :'))))
    8 hours ago

  • patrickboy8659 the most mighty weapon is a pen, words written by powerful men. showing the world dignity en respect, in a matter that no one can ever reject. show us your talent and spread out the word, and speak them out loud for the world to be heard.  the words on your mind, are one of a kind, the words lined in ink, will make people think, but words of equality, can give us humanity! # peace   # love   # unity   # respect
    Jun 12

  • JaydenSmith Hey everybody, I will be gone for a few days to Oklahoma.I won't be able to get on at all.So if you try to contact me I won't receive it until Friday when I come back.Just so you all know. 
    Wed at 1:56 PM

  • Darkness Kik anyone?
    Wed at 3:11 PM

  • Halle Hiii
    Oct 9