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  • YunaTheStarGazer Thinking about deleting this account. I'm never on here much. And I don't really talk to anyone. So if you can't find why account at least you guys will know why. *Unsure shrug* Idk a lot of negative things have come out of this website. From the unwanted pictures to random people getting bitchy. There mostly nice people but I don't really talk much anymore so :/ I'll think about it. Depending on the responses I may stay and get on every few days or weeks like I normally do. x3
    Oct 4

  • SaggersEmo I honestly hate sharing a room. My room is pink! HATE IT
    Oct 22

  • The3mokid Hi hi!! Someone message me or kik me!!
    Jun 25

  • Luiza When ur diagnosed as a sociopath xD
    Oct 10

  • swisslips Expect me to unfriend you if you don't use commas. 
    Oct 19

  • Uncertainty to think I have been away so long that all these things have changed in such a short span of time in my eyes ;-; welp, hai ._.)/
    Oct 22

  • Bwehr12 im about to give up on this illusion calked happiness ill never end this suffering called loneliness
    Oct 8

  • Austyn1796 Back at it! maybe this isn't so dead anymore!
    Oct 22