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  • MemeDaddy He flirts so much omg. Why can't he just tell me if he likes me or not, smh.. Date me nigga I want u
    8 hours ago

  • beautifulmonster Thanks to those who reported robot spams! Greatly appreciated!
    Mar 30

  • SilentGirl bored
    9 hours ago

  • Grimm Binging MCR at night is the best way to fall asleep tbh
    Sep 28

  • RixRoxSox The way different people have different lifestyles really intrigues me.. like how my day to day is chilling, listening to music, drinking coffee and day dreaming.  Then I see someone else who has friends, goes out regularly, takes vacations, and has responsibilities.  It just exhausts me thinking about having that much to do! It's just a little depressing when you realise what you've come to acknowledge as normal consists of nothing but day dreaming - then you see other people getting shit done. :L
    Oct 2