• NenaEmo4

    Wanna be friends?

    Posted by NenaEmo4 Oct 11 - 17 votes - 101 views
    I really need and want friends...
  • NatieNymph

    The first thing you notice

    Posted by NatieNymph Oct 10 - 16 votes - 93 views
    What's the first thing you notice on someone?
  • Ellie247

    Rate me

    Posted by Ellie247 Oct 10 - 9 votes - 77 views
    Hallo tell me I'm ugly
  • AaronY

    Rate me

    Posted by AaronY Oct 1 - 6 votes - 64 views
    Rate me on 1- 10
  • Soulscars

    Tokyo ghoul

    Posted by Soulscars Oct 1 - 5 votes - 66 views
    Which side would you choose?
  • Chrystalia

    My face

    Posted by Chrystalia Sep 25 - 6 votes - 83 views
    Should I make my profile pic of my face?
  • Dominantmale

    If your boyfreind or girlfriend wanted a consensual slave

    Posted by Dominantmale Sep 25 - 7 votes - 91 views
    If your boyfriend or girlfriend confessed to you they where into BDSM and they wanted a CONSENSUAL slave, they wanted to keep you as there bf/gf but they wanted to own someone who would be considered less then you to both of you what would your reaction be. Remember this question is about them having someone who consents to be being there slave. and they will obviously love you not the slave.
  • AKumaNamedJustin

    who is worse

    Posted by AKumaNamedJustin Sep 19 - 8 votes - 91 views
    who is worse, kind of self-explanatory
  • xXemonertXx

    Should i dye my hair purple?

    Posted by xXemonertXx Sep 16 - 6 votes - 88 views
    I want to dye my hair purple but i don't know who well i would look and i hate my dumb blonde hair
  • Jakemakin1998

    Am i ugly

    Posted by Jakemakin1998 Sep 11 - 15 votes - 117 views
    people always say im ugly and I want to know what you think