Tom Hanks on the Importance of Wearing a Mask | NowThis

‘Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Social distance. If you can’t do that, I don’t have much respect for ya’ — Tom Hanks shared this compelling message about stay...
Posted Jul 14
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  • TheHorror
    TheHorror This clown is A hollywood elite Liberal turd like alyssa Milano
    Too bad his opinion doesn't mean shit and who cares who he has respect for, most of america who aren;t rich, will never meet him!@!!!!

    FUCK THE FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DominiCane
    DominiCane I agree with you that we need to stop listening to the celebrities speak because they live very privileged lives As such w/bodyguards, walled/gated mansions, the best foods, hardly wirks(means they have loads of time to excerise), etc.etc.etc......
  • thatnonemothatlikedemos
    thatnonemothatlikedemos People wearing masks is keeping your economy open as well as saving lives so people should just fucking do it!
    Jul 16 - Report